Intenze Ink Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey Colours 6×30ml Povečaj

Intenze Ink Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey Colours 6×30ml


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Intenze Ink set barv za tetoviranje priznanega tattoo artista Marka Mahoneya.

Set vsebuje: 6×30ml

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97,90 € z DDV

  • "If I am doing a portrait I start by brushing in around the features with a round shader and some Let There Be Light. Otherwise I start with a magnum and Dark and Lovely blocking in the deepest shadows. Next I work my way through with the Extra Medium and Let There Be Light. When it looks finished I will make a few careful cuts of Dark and Lovely to give it more depth then a little white if the price is right. Dis here is my secret recipe. I have been using this stuff since 1983. Hope it does for youse what it's done for me." - Mark Mahoney

    Komplet vsebuje naslednje tattoo barve:

    - Dark and Lovely

    - Black Velvet

    - Extra Medium

    - Let There Be Light

    - White Silk

    - Miracle Water Distilled Mixer

    Intenze Ink barve za tetoviranje so sestavljene iz vrhunskih natančno izbranih pigmentov. Barve so izdelane iz veganskih sestavin, so testirane za alergene snovi in niso preizkušene na živalih.